Terms and Conditions

Updated 30 October 2020

Pawfect Petsitting will always take the privacy of its customers seriously and will only ever use your personal information as a way of contacting you about your pets care. Any information given such as phone numbers/emails will only be kept with Lorna Beecroft.

This also applies to the ‘Emergency contact person’ that you have listed on this form. Please can you notify your emergency contact that you have passed their information onto Pawfect Petsitting. This person will only ever be contacted if Lorna is unable to get in contact with you.

Any paperwork you have given is kept in a safe place and any keys given will only be kept with Lorna Beecroft in a key safe. Lorna is the only person who has access (other than yourself) to the client portal.

None of these details will ever be sent to a third party organisation, unless you have left instructions for your details/keys to be handed elsewhere whilst your pet(s) are under Pawfect Petsittings care.

As a customer of Pawfect Petsitting, you agree to the following terms and conditions…

  • You will inform Pawfect Petsitting on a written form or in the client portal whether you do not want your dog(s) to be walked off lead.
  • You will inform Pawfect Petsitting on a written form or in the client portal whether you do not want your dog(s) to be walked with other dogs.
  • You will inform Pawfect Petsitting on a written form or in the client portal whether you do not want your pet(s) photos published online.
  • You will inform Pawfect Petsitting on a written form or in the client portal whether you do not want your pet(s) to travel by car.
  • If necessary, in an emergency situation, you authorise Pawfect Petsitting to make a decision on veterinary treatment. (This is if the owner or emergency contact person are not available).
  • Pawfect Petsitting is fully insured with Petplan Insurance for dog walking, pet taxi, dog grooming and pet sitting. Details of the insurance can be viewed upon request.
  • No dogs classified under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991 or wolf hybrids will be accepted for walking or dog sitting.
  • Dogs should be up to date with all vaccinations, worm and flea treatment. I ask that your pets are in general good health, or you inform us of any conditions before booking your next service.
  • All dogs will be exercised on a lead unless prior agreement has been reached with Pawfect Petsitting.
  • Pawfect Petsitting reserve the right cut short a walk if necessary, because of extreme weather conditions (ie, heat, thunder storms) for the safety of both the dogs and the walker.
  • You are entirely responsible for any veterinary bills/dog grooming bills whilst they are in the care of Pawfect Petsitting. Unless the problem is at the fault of Pawfect Petsitting.
  • You will advise Pawfect Petsitting of any behavioural problems, quirks or dislikes your pet(s) has at the initial visit.
  • Although Pawfect Petsitting is insured for Public Liability, wherever possible pets should be insured by the client.
  • Pawfect Petsitting will care for your pets as you would, and whilst i will make every effort to ensure your pets are well looked after in your absence, Pawfect Petsitting cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in my care.
  • Any petsitting or dog walking that is booked in with Pawfect Petsitting, must notify Lorna of a cancellation atleast 1 month before the date you are booked in. If you fail to do so you must pay half of the petsitting costs. This does not include last minute bookings.
  • Pawfect Petsitting treats all data about clients and prospective clients as strictly confidential and will not be sold or passed onto any third parties.
  • Any client details will be kept in a secure filing cabinet and any clients who no longer wish to use my service, will have their details destroyed. Nobody else has access to the client portal.
  • Pawfect Petsitting will not be held liable for any break-ins or vandalism on your property during your use of this service.
  • You must provide all items necessary for the care of their pets whilst away, (ie food, medication, cat litter, toys) If pets require any additional supplies whilst in the care of Pawfect Petsitting this will purchased and added to your bill.
  • You must provide Pawfect Petsitting with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet(s) in an emergency. If the contact is not available Pawfect Petsitting reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal.
  • If Pawfect Petsitting considers a pet to be dangerous, aggressive or uncontrollable they reserve the right to place the pet in to the nearest home boarding/Kennels/emergency contact of your choice. This will be if the client cannot get home themselves in time. All costs of this will be down to the client themselves.
  • Pawfect Petsitting cannot be held responsible for any third party injuries caused by your pet.
  • If you agree on the Pawfect Petsitting forms for photos of your pet to be taken and put online then this also includes the photos/videos of your pet to be put on any social media site and the Pawfect Petsitting website.
  • Pawfect Petsitting has the right to take your dog in the car or on walks with other dogs if you have told Pawfect Petsitting that there are no problems with your dog travelling in car or being around other dogs.
  • If you book Pawfect Petsitting in for pet sitting, you acknowledge and are fully aware that Lorna has dog walks and cat visits whilst looking after your pets & are aware that she will be out of the house & leaving your pet(s) unattended at these times during her stay.
  • If booking your dog(s) in for pet sitting, you will inform Pawfect Petsitting whether or not you are happy for Lorna to take your dog out on walks or to doggy day care/dog grooming whilst your dog(s) is in her care.
  • You will inform Pawfect Petsitting if your bitch is in season and needs to be walked solo.
  • You allow Pawfect Petsitting to use their own collars & leads if necessary.
  • You understand that weekend and bank holiday charges are at an extra cost.
  • You understand that if you have booked in for a service and on my arrival you no longer need my services, you will still be charged and pay for the service you have booked in.
  • You attest that all of the above information is true to the best of your knowledge and that if there are any changes with your pet, you will inform Pawfect Petsitting before the next service is scheduled.